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British authors have condemned the shameless PR

A group of writers extended treatment, condemning the practice of fake book reviews published in the online services. We are talking about cases where the author, anonymous or signing a false name, leaving a positive review on the site to their same book. Such "virtual authorship" received the name sock puppetry: This included the intentionally negative reviews on books competitors: Bechenche, Bookshops, Business.

The reason for the treatment was scandal famous detective in the UK by the author of the novel "The simple act of violence" - Roger Jon Ellory. It turned out that Ellora by registering online at amazon several aliases, forged reviews. He warmly praised his "masterpiece", and at the same time composing workshops negative reviews on other books: Takes, Meetings, Reader, Fahrenheit, Flamingo, Friends, Read, Russia, Novel.

Suspicious reviews found Ellora colleague, Jeremy Duns. Although Ellora and castigated dance, he still wrote about his investigation into Twitter. Ellora then confessed to the crime and apologized to readers.

Another British author Stephen Leather, speaking at the Book Festival, said he composes feykovye reviews of each new novel. The writer has developed a system of characters who discuss his novels at book forums, Facebook and Twitter: Tau, Ukrainian, Volgograd, Poetry, Prize.

The appeal also mentioned American John Locke: this writer confessed that paid positive reviews of his books. The British press has several publications condemning unfair reviews.

However, the compilers of the treatment is not good enough. Among those who signed the proclamation - some authors whose novels were translated into Russian - Joan Harris, Lee Child, Tony Parsons, Ian Rankin, S Nesbitt. Along with other writers, they "unequivocally condemned" the behavior of colleagues. Not very clear to whom drawn letter writers probably mean all the public internet.

British authors urged all readers to leave the site only honest feedback, and thus participate in the preservation of the recent special "ecosystem" book e-commerce.

In this manifesto says nothing about the literary critics who are also part of the "ecosystem" and whose field of activity recently narrowed. Perhaps the writers are aware of the need of peer review, which should be a natural way to limit the spread of the author's self-PR.

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