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In Makhachkala Book Fair will be held "Tarki-Tau-2012"

In Makhachkala, from 10 to 12 October will be a book fair "Tarki-Tau-2012." It is organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications RD, RD Ministry of Culture, the National Library named RD. R. Gamzatov Dagestan branch of the Russian Fund of Culture, Caucasian literary and artistic newspaper "Highlanders" newspaper "Eaglet-Dagestan." As RIA "Dagestan" in the National Library of Dagestan, the regional forum will bring together publishers, booksellers organization Stores ebooks, online retailers of books, writers, literary critics.

Open forum on October 8th exhibition of illustrations for the works of L. Tolstoy's children's art schools in Dagestan. The next day in the republic will be representatives of publishers and booksellers. The official opening of the fair will be held on October 10. The same day the children will open the photo exhibition "Smile" where the actors perform Dagestan puppet theater, followed by a business forum "book +" on "The Book Market: Results and Prospects." It will discuss the results of 2011, the most successful publishing strategies, "bookstore in the digital age," the prospects of e-books, as well as an exhibition of books.

In addition, the forum is scheduled Book Club, meetings with writers, opening exhibitions: illustrations for the Russian Writers of the meetings of the Dagestan Museum of Fine Arts. P. Gamzatova and contemporary graphic artists Dagestani "Dialogue with the book," a rare manuscript book from the collection of the National Library and private collections, the presentation of «Russian archives" and its transfer books of the National Library. For participants of the exhibition will be an excursion to the Museum of the city of Makhachkala, a visit to a photo exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the city.

The next day of the forum will be devoted entirely to children's books. Will host an exhibition of children's book, which was addressed by national writer RD Suguri Uvaysova, vice president of the Russian Cultural Foundation Yulia Subbotina-Mikhalkov RFK program "Today's children - tomorrow people." Fashion show of works and sketches of costumes for the works of Tolstoy, a student's Dagestani universities - "War and Peace. Revived pages "," round tables "" Book for the visually impaired "and" Dagestan Book Culture Club art song, the presentation "Dagknigizdata."

The result of the fair will be not only the implementation and promotion of books, but also to determine the best media with the award of the main awards "Tarki-Tau-2012" nominations: "Best book Tarki-Tau-2012", "Best Children's Edition Tarki-Tau-2012 "" The best popular science publication Tarki-Tau-2012 "," The opening of Tarki-Tau-2012 "," Best Illustrator Tarki-Tau-2012. " At the end of the fair will be a resolution.