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Prize winners of the Book Runet Award, organized for the second time

The winners of the category "Choice Runet users" were defined vote of Internet users in social networks. The short-list, compiled by a team book, included books by Russian and foreign authors and book project, published last year (June 30, 2011 to May 30, 2012). This year's turnout of almost 140,000 Internet users.

Next nomination - "Selecting the expert advice", this year it includes: the Russian literary critic, journalist, broadcaster, writer Alexander Arkhangelsky, co-founder "Publishers Runet" Alexander Kasyanenko, editor of "Book Review" Alexander Nabokov, vice president of the nonprofit partnership " Russian Book Union "Alexander Shipetina, a television presenter, producer Alexander, director of marketing management electronic editions" Izdatelsy House 7 days "Anna Grigorieva, a singer Bogdan Titomir, singer Vladimir Presnyakov, frontman" Bugs "Valery Zhukov, General Director of" University BOOK "Elena Beilin, actress, radio host, blogger Darya Herman, social activist, television host, author Irina Hakamada, lead singer of" Caste "Anton Serpent, singer Nikolai Baskov, actor, television personality, musician Oscar Kuchera, entrepreneur, business coach, leading Radislav Gandapas, presenter and famous illusionist Sergei Safronov, general manager and chief editor of "Book Industry" Svetlana Zorina, executive director of RAEC Sergei Grebennikov political commentator Komersant FM Stanislav Kucher, a group of "Silver", a member of Comedy club, singer Timur Rodriguez, an expert on Internet Research and Internet Marketing Fedor Virin, singer Julia Chicherin.