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In welcoming Bechenche

Memorable trip was in Bechenchu. The villagers welcomed us koumiss and cakes, prepared the welcome program of five numbers of amateur, who was particularly impressed our guests. Concert led a member of the literary association "Flamingo", countrywoman Alexandra bechenchintsev Indeeva.

In the foyer of the cultural center "Saryada" turned an exhibition of art works, which brought with Vera Serkin. There were heartfelt poems performed by the author - the members l / o "Flamingo" and our guests - Love Wins, Valentina Markina, Vyacheslav Artemenko and Faith Don, great songs performed by members of the "Green Carriage" Natalia Shikulya, Fidel Ochakovo, Sergei Ambalova, Anna Perevedentseva and Dmitry Yashchenko, original songs and poems by Alexander Boboshko.

And how much delight and admiration aroused Bechenchinskoy excursions to school! Such a miracle, none of them had never imagined even in remote rural areas may be the most beautiful school in the country. Particularly impressed with the guests of the fact that the school, which opened in 2004, it still looks as good as new, the walls and desks or a scratch and inscriptions rooms are sparkling and sparkling clean. Many compliments and words of admiration heard that day hostess school, Valentine enthusiast Arbat, whereby the school, its teachers and students constantly winning the creative competitions, seminars, conferences and sporting events.