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Scale competition for entrepreneurs "Business Success" was launched in Saratov. According to the results of the contest will receive the best traders gold jack.

- "Business Success 2012" - a competition for entrepreneurs, which was launched last year to encourage the development of entrepreneurial business environment and the work of municipalities, to emphasize the social significance and importance of entrepreneurs to society - says the organizer, the vice president-Russian public organization "Support of Russia" Alexander Brechalov. - Our goal - to find a successful business projects, the successful experience of the municipality and to broadcast it to the whole of Russia. Hero of the day is to be an entrepreneur, his success story.

Last year, the regional rounds of the contest took place in Stavropol, Perm, Ufa, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, Lipetsk, Ulyanovsk, Novosibirsk, Samara, Kazan, Penza, Volgograd. The competition attracted more than eight thousands of entrepreneurs across the country. The winners of the contest - a merchant with a rather interesting business ideas. For example, a businessman Mikhail Veselov farm Thousandth Krasnodar region made bath on wheels. His invention was so popular in his village, which he is now the owner of five mobile baths. And Anna Tikhomirov from Moscow won the project "Book Bus" Bumper ". Is a children's book store, a club that travels to Moscow, the Moscow region, as well as field trips to more remote areas. At its regular bus routes in Moscow working as a bookstore and sells high-quality children's literature. Artem Denisov from St. Petersburg set himself a challenge - to change the image of an electrician as a dirty, unshaven and unpleasant type and presented a project "Quad-Electric."

Take part in it are all interested. Winners will be chosen in the following categories: "Best« Start-Up »,« Best Innovation Project "," Best IT-project "," Best Project in trade / services "," Socially Responsible Entrepreneur "," The best project in the industrial sector "," International Student Award in the field of entrepreneurship GSEA ». The main prize in each category - gold jack and gift worth between 100 and 200 thousand.

In all municipalities of the Saratov region also sent a special questionnaire, which will rank the performance of municipalities in support of small business.

Entries to the competition can be submitted until November 2. A November 16, Saratov held the final conference, which will be declared the winners - the entrepreneurs in various categories and ranking leaders of the municipalities.

Saratov known businessman Alexander Timoshok questioned the effectiveness of competition.

- This competition is about nothing - confident businessman. - This is another show program. Area must not participate in these. We need to hold a competition among entrepreneurs with nominations such as "Who is the greatest of all pay taxes," "whose wages are higher," "more students who are employed." Then there will be a real interest in business and a positive effect on the development of the region.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the competition conflict between the terms of the competition and did not see the comments made. Adequately assess the effectiveness of the call members of the regional government.

- We hope that the competition will help our entrepreneurs to see concrete examples of how to scratch, you can do business, how to get up, - said the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Vladimir fires. - Entrepreneurs we do not believe that we can develop in business. This contest will be a platform for communication and exchange of information. I think this will sense.

- To some extent, the competition is really the show - the deputy chairman of the government of Paul Bolshedanov. - It involves mainly the organizers. Businessmen working selflessly and do not pay attention to the competition. Here's a competition among municipalities is important. A business just building your business. Our goal - to see "germs." Make it so that people will see that success is possible. This is a good project for those who want to succeed and start a business.