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Club takes care of the books

There has long been proven for centuries believed that other human invention in time themselves are beginning to have a formative influence on him.

To books, it relates to more than any other subjects of spiritual culture, and this statement would not need explanation, if not for the current crisis in relation to this phenomenon.

The decline of interest in books, reading in our country, whose people have long ago was considered the most popular in the world, not a little concerned about the public, but because - as is customary in nature - more activated search for ways to exit a position in which we find ourselves.

That happens in the last 15 - 20 years in the demand for books, their publication and distribution, we are not talking casually with Elkhan Rzayev, the director of the Baku book club. Structure, on its own initiative, but in earnest and now knowingly engaged in the problems of "the book market" and printing production.

The interior ... this spacious bright room is clearly not to evoke images of a cozy lounge clubs deliberately possess to the trustee, secular communion. On the surface - it is rather a business office. With shelves, no longer capable of holding hundreds of published recently in Azerbaijan volumes, here and there in a businesslike located typographical packages - virtually store and warehouse under one roof, where from time to time, the authors are the fruits of his labor in the care of experienced people for possible implementation as it were on a commission basis.

The authors come here for advice on the publication of new books, which today is very important, even in the apparent imbalance of interests - no laughing indifference to read and highly increased urge to write and publish, not pursuing commercial objectives.

It can tell you where to find an experienced designer, how to determine the size and circulation of his own manuscripts, some typography entrust their offspring, to sound out the prospects of implementation, to solve the financial problems ...

However, it appears that all of this, as well as spending time to time and in such circumstances, with presentations of new tea party, arising spontaneously discussing various issues and other forms of communication - only the visible part of everyday life book club. In ten years, the "interaction" routine work with the seemingly casual yet very useful business talk heart to heart, he gradually became a kind of a center for the emerging during this time independent, economically independent publishing complex, delicate way to sum up their work .

No, no, he is not coordinating their work with the "testing" of plans - the calculations killed in the end of the past, the vaunted planning system guidelines or recommendations. By the fact that Baku book club releases catalog of books published in Azerbaijan, he provides invaluable help of volunteers, at their own risk, by their own means hand in ensuring the country's books.

This service starts with the monitoring rebuilt industry and creating the system database, and turned to the advent of good materials for advertising, focused not only consumers, but also - very importantly - producers of books.

Without refuting the claim that the publication of the catalog, even the idea of ??its importance in the current situation demanded that the author's ideas full ownership situation and the constant readiness to overcome obstacles, Elkhan Rzayev little by little, and tells of how he went from like-minded to the fact that Now around - safely called a success.

- Remember - he said - as with a great desire to buy (and then it would mean - not only to collect, but also to read) books, with what we left the crowded little popular volumes and many shops and rented trash in exchange for the most popular editions ?