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They read kuryane?

And you read anything at all, except sms own phone? This question is easily answered by going to any bookstore and talk to his visitors.

Olga Filippova, photographer:

- I read a lot, but not everything is in my heart, but sometimes and in memory. Some well-known authors, who all admire, I personally do not like. For example, Coelho and Wisniewski. Really like "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. Chuck Polanik good writing, read "Fight Club" and "Ghosts". Another memorable Jose Saramago and little children and naive book "Shadows of the wind" Ruiz. When you do not want to think or read Akunin Brown. Writes well Frenchwoman Anne Govalda. I liked her book "Simply Together" and "35 pounds." Another good idea, and writes with humor Fielding. Sanaev "Bury Me Behind the Baseboard" is very memorable.

Agree, that's it - almost the move received - the reader's opinion proves that the passion for reading alive, but still maintained a huge variety of the proposed literature. Smokers confirm inexhaustible passion for reading managers and consultants bookstores Kursk. Trends readers love can be traced to the stand "Bestseller" in any bookstore. It must be said that the interests of the majority of local bookworms are in line with global preferences - mostly foreign bestsellers are dynamic with a touch of mysticism.

Although in the past two years, more and more becomes a bestseller - the young Russian writers. For example, only one of the three stores in the city, which had to do, was not in selling books Oleg Roy. And then, as proved by more than a good reason - the last of the books received a batch is already sold.

- The book is good demand Oleg Roy - said an employee of one of the shops. - And his book asked, and then, it's a lot of fans in the first place it is the women of all ages.

- Why is this author? But I beg of you, it's Oleg Roy! - One of the buyers of the book in hard cover is not limited to this emotional phrase and with obvious pleasure explains that the author is able to seemingly easy, fun way to answer the most important questions of life. And a fan of this writer's talent like the author's attitude to family, children, fidelity.

Like this, it turns out, looks simple key to success of another Russian literary talent. And success, according to the Internet, the young author is significant. Only in the last two years, the book came out Oleg Roy sold more than two million copies. Well, judging by the circulation, not only love stories of vampires, but also works on the family values ??may have a lot of fans.