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"Fahrenheit 451, or why in Ulyanovsk do not like book lovers"

In the famous book of science fiction writer Ray Bredberi describes a society where it is illegal to read books. After the spiel "book club Simbirsk" I thought for a while that we already live in such a society. And this in a city that calls itself the Capital of Culture!

If you love to read real paper books, you'll notice that the number of bookstores in Ulyanovsk is rapidly declining. And those that are still alive, books are sold at high prices. This is a necessary measure booksellers caused the desire to survive in the hard world of rental prices. But it does not work, so how expensive books nobody wants to buy.

And when a little over a year ago closed another store "Second-hand books" in the building "House of the Press", a group of young enthusiasts and lovers of good literature, decided to set up in Ulyanovsk clubs. Naturally, the book. Came up with the name, form of association - a non-profit partnership, and wrote a letter to the Regional Ministry of art and cultural policies to support their initiatives.

The answer came surprisingly quickly. And the positive! Moreover, the Ministry was ready to assist the placement "of a book club Simbirsk" in one of the empty rooms of the house-museum of Language that the street Savior, giving it for free use! According to the law on non-profit organizations working in the field of teaching, education and culture allowed.

In response to the Ministry to help the guys asked to sign an agreement with them three points. First, help to open up in the point of sale second-hand literature. Second, to take part in socially relevant activities of the Ministry. Third: to take place in a dedicated room redecorated house and buy furniture. The conditions were accepted. Only now signing up to now has not taken place, but there was still this July 15, 2011!

For more than a year, the founders of the registered non-profit organization "book club Simbirsk" trying to understand what they are guilty, to whom, and how they do next. Today, the entrance to the club is limited, ever-growing collection of books is without proper care (and there already accumulated quite a lot, including rare editions).

It is worth emphasizing that the guys do not have organized bookstore retailer, namely social club. The place where readers can share real literature rare books. A place where you can hold theme nights. For example, did not take place the opening of the club-house produced two exhibitions, "Pushkiniana" and "Old Slavic literature." Now book lovers collect books of life and f (great people). Already collected 350 books (of them for the time of publication, from 1890 to 2012 released in 1650!). Through the efforts of the children rescued from the fire, three private libraries. In general, the ideas and projects of the guys a lot. In this case, any benefit from this, they are not removed, it is their hobby, passion in his spare time.

Besides cultural Ministry would be useful help such enthusiasts. But officials are not only not hurry to use a source of new ideas, but did not seem to notice the book lovers. Six letters in total posted Director of Paul Ionov before (Gennadiy Zhuravlev) and current Secretary of arts and cultural policy of Tatiana Murdasovoy, but in return received only one letter, where fans of the book offers to stay in the ground floor room at the Federation, 28. However, in a letter for some reason did not specify that an area of ??54.17 square meters. meter offered for rent for common conditions, and completely cut off from the room killed two years ago in need of repair utilities for about 400 thousand rubles! Pull these costs rather poor bibliophile not do. Still, we emphasize again that this is not a shop, and the club, a nonprofit organization.

That's why guys appealed to authorities to provide accommodation for free. They are ready to do repairs yourself. And even willing to pay the rent, but only minimal (in a letter to the mayor has outlined how they can pull - no more than 50 rubles. Per 1 sq. m.). In response, the guys are ready to create a new cultural point of Ulyanovsk.

Not long ago, director of "book club Simbirsk" Pavel Ionov personally met with the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov and told him about the ideas of reading promotion and resuscitation knigooborota in Ulyanovsk. Head of the region supported the initiative and asked for profile organizations to help book lovers. But apparently, it was necessary not to ask, and to issue the corresponding order. For WHO, as they say, is still there.

Social projects in the cultural capital of no use. Is it any wonder then that young Ulyanovsk read mostly fashion magazines and internet sites of questionable content.

P.S. In preparing the material for publication of book lovers came another letter from the Ministry of Arts and cultural policy, stating, quote, "subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of vacant space agencies do not have."