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Password - "Flamingo!"

The final event Days of literature and art was a trip on the nature of the village of North Nyuya where the enchanting beauty of autumn in the middle of the taiga, on the banks of the picturesque river Nuits we camped. Grilled kebabs, read poetry to each other, talked, took pictures on the memory.

Most valuable to us, perhaps, there was a dialogue in the hotel room where we stayed Alexander Boboshko and Vyacheslav Artemenko. We mirnintsy and lenchane, came here in the evenings to read poetry to each other and sing songs, share the secret. When heard a knock at the door, the owners of numbers jokingly asked, 'Password,' and we will gladly respond, "Flamingo!". Alexander S. mentally, emotionally, and brilliantly performed songs recited poetry. This was for us a real master class, to be sure!

Taking this opportunity, and lenchane mirnintsy approached Alexander Semenovich with his poems and stories with a request to see and evaluate what is written. When still have the chance! Everyone felt honored to give something to the guest memory from Blagoveshchensk, they were mostly books. And, of course, it is our fault that Boboshko Alexander had to pay 15 pounds in excess baggage. But what can you do?

Did not want to leave, because we managed to make friends these days, so do not accidentally and mirnintsev and our Annunciation other tears in his eyes when we parted.

Enthusiastic participants impressions Days of literature and art give us energy and good mood that will last for a long time now. I want to thank for helping the district and municipal administration in the face and S.I.Vysokih L.A.Ilyahina, industrial management "Almazdortrans" (V.G.Horuzhy), OOO "Tycoon" (T.P.Holodova), IP H Fayrushina . N., LLC "Bagheera" (S.A.Nikonov), IP Sarychev, the central library (Z.S.Ilchuk) bechenchintsev T.I.Popovu, A.G.Degesovu, V.A.Arbatskuyu and all those who helped us to organize and carry out our holiday.

An unforgettable experience - this is not all. In honor of the 15th anniversary of the literary association "Flamingo" issued a collective book "Under the constellation Lyra" was created by the 20-minute film about the "Flamingo", which has twice looked at Lena and the Peace and released merchandise. This is not counting the fact that many of us were born new poems and songs.