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The history of children's books - the exhibition "Magic Power of Art"

At a meeting with childhood invites the exhibition "Magic Power of Art." The exhibition in the gallery of the International University introduces the history of children's books and shows antique and modern editions. They - the best examples of illustrations - watercolors, lithographs, etchings by famous Russian and German artists. They say "News of culture."

That's how most acquaintance with art. Together with parents, looking his first book, in which there was almost no text, but - many colorful illustrations. This exhibition has rare examples - Russian folk tale with illustrations by Ivan Bilibin, he created in 1901.

"This is the only time Bilibin did was lithography, lithography, he further squeeze on the golden stone, so when you watch a modern edition of this book, you still will not see the color," - says Irina Stitch collector.

Preserved and unique colored linocuts Valeria Babin to fairy tales "up hill and down dale," "Broken unbeaten luck" and "Kotofey Ivanovich." They know many adults favorite characters from childhood. Another part of the exhibition is devoted to the German illustration. It also includes colorful rare books.

"Here you can see the German edition, which is over 100 years old. Generally, this exhibition should hold certain parallels between the past and the present. So nice to see the books we read children, and even nicer to see that the tradition of illustrations preserved ", - says the head of the Department of Culture of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Russian Federation Jens Baykyufner.

World fame came to the German book in the 90's of the nineteenth century. That's when the light came first book of the Munich artist Lothar Meggendorfera. After this work, he became known as a children's book of an engineer. Cardboard dollhouse artist became a revolution in the world of illustration. This edition preceded the "funny stories", who now look modern.

"Explain the tradition of the German book illustrations, from the end of XIX century to the present day, an interesting engineering and artistic solutions" - said the collector, co-chairman of the European Cultural Club Irina Stitch.

The exhibition curators specifically located next to the modern and antique publications to illustrate how the ideas of books, toys XIX century still live and develop is through technology.