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We learned a new name? This is our victory!

5 years ago at the Central Library named after AS Pushkin's "born" Book Club "Names". Over the years, it townspeople learned the names of dozens of writers. Sometimes I hear saying that, well, those writers and poets, about the creation of which we speak in the club, out of date, which is now the new trends and new names. Strange! So what? - Obsolete Bunin? Prishvin outdated? Rasputin is out of date? Rubtsov outdated or B. Astafiev?

We in the club talking about writers and poets, who for some reason called villagers, writers patriotic sense. I think that these definitions are so fond of quoting the liberal press, not a minus, on the contrary, a big plus for someone with writing talent. But here it is these names, which are the best representatives of Russian literature of the second half of the twentieth century, our time raskhristannoe erased from human memory, it is not their books on the shelves of bookstores, and it is their names, we present the club.

And I think our main goal. Now, looking through handbills club meetings, I honestly am glad that we watched documentaries, talked and learned about so many great names - writers, poets, playwrights, singers, critics lectures on literature, there are thematic meeting.

And if any of those who came to the meeting of the club was interested in some writer thought, took the book and read it again, or just discovering a new name is a joy for us, it is our common victory!