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National Library of the status of the universe all day taking all comers

Department publications in foreign languages of the National Library of Ahmed Zaki Validi with the language center «Hallo Deutsch» open day was held. All day visitors the old mansion of the merchant Chizhov Street October Revolution in Ufa to unique book collection in English, German and French, coming directly from England, Germany and France. General fund of the department of literature in foreign languages ??is 50,376 copies in more than 20 languages. There is a music department, a modern exhibition hall.

Presentations were made by the curators of international exchange programs, including a guest from Germany, the Academic Exchange Service DAAD Angelika Shadek, visitors from America Kelvin Rogoff and Kristen Winter. They told visitors to the library of existing exchange programs between the two countries, on what in their implementation offering French and German reading rooms and the American Corner, about how and where to enroll in courses on foreign languages ??and to prepare for international exams . For the little puppet show was organized in German Students' Gymnasium ¹ 3, shows a group of ethnic dance club "Crossroads" with a demonstration of Canadian Indians costumes.

We met a gentleman porch guests in costume Musketeers - French teacher of one of the schools of Ufa Alexander Bykov, French Hall, respectively, talked a lot about the works of Alexander Dumas and watched the famous film about the fate of this writer, "The secret of the great story-teller." In the corridors of the library was an exhibition of the author's jewelry and accessories. Those who wish to master-class on making bows and brooches, bags and pins.

Department Head, Indira Khairetdinova, as well as its employees, relevant so responsibly, that enthusiasm does not run on weekdays: here believe that the library could easily be the center of the universe.

The first in many years of experience of foreign literature department to conduct such an extended reception failed. Open day now decided to do this each year.