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In St. Petersburg, resumed work club "Books and Coffee"

The money for the opening of the old club shop at the new location were collected, including through "coffee IPOĽ, and coffee bought on credit, even those fans of "Books and Coffee", who have never been in the northern capital.

In St. Petersburg, organized by writer Alexander revived Zhytynsky book club shop "Books and Coffee", whose administration after his death not uzhilas with landlords and was forced to suspend the establishment in April of this year.

All this time the club was looking for a new building and money to work with. One way of raising funds has become a so-called "coffee-IPOĽ (buying coffee on credit). With this action, accumulated 250 thousand, equivalent to 2.5 thousand cups of coffee. And a cup of coffee in the revival of the club meet at all - many of the offered financial assistance to live far away from St. Petersburg, but sympathize with the intelligent system book club shop.

Refurbished club "Books and Coffee" opened on Gagarin, 20, near the Summer Garden. One of its founders is the daughter of the founder, Alexander Zhytynsky.

The club will run a cafe and concert hall, which is between the activities will be the library. It will be possible to read the works of the bookstore "Books and Coffee" and brought with them the book.

The cafe club still will not serve alcohol and remain smoke-free, however, if in the last version of "Books and Coffee" Visitors are invited exclusively strong brewed beverage from the title of the book store, now seriously extended range, retaining, however, the literary component: the menu appeared favorite dishes of various writers and poets, cooked their recipes. In addition, the cafe book club has positioned itself as an "area of ??peace" - visitors will be protected from loud music or other distracting noise.

For children will continue to work thematic project "Small World Sasha Artichoke" with developing gaming software. For adults will be seminars, training and lectures. Film screening to promise movies of various genres - from "selective trash to art-house." Will also be exhibitions, modern performances and book game. The new premises will house an art gallery, and there is already a memorable picture, dedicated to the founder of the club - "Table Zhytynsky Alexander." Later, under the picture will present a table where you can have a coffee, read the news or listen to music publishers.

Bookstore club "Books and Coffee" will be permanently obnovlyaetsya. There customers will find new books from the most interesting creators club promising publishers: "Text", "Komilfo", "Simpouzium", "Detgiz", "Limbus-Press", "OIG", "UFO", "Gayatri", "scooter "" Helikon Plus "," Sofia "and others. Also, the club will be told about the "old-fashioned books" - works that have been published for a long time, and have been unjustly forgotten, but still relevant to this day.